My Short Story! Available Now!

As I mentioned back in September (in this post) I’ve had my first short story published in an anthology! The wonder! The excitement! The buying opportunity!


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On what I’m writing now, part 2

Or rather, what I’m not writing. Careful, personal angst follows. (more…)

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On What I’m Writing Now

Ah yes, writing. It continues to be sporadic, but it is improving. At one point, 2plus years ago, I was up to 1,000 words a day of written fiction. I could sit down at any time of the day or night and produce the introduction to a short story or the middle of some novel I desperately wanted to write all of. Never an ending. I’m not very good at endings. Now, well, now I’m less prolific… (more…)

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On Collaboration

I’m pretty much 3 months into this motherhood thing. It has been since…November since I wrote more than 100 words at a sitting of fiction. That hurts. (more…)

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