My Short Story! Available Now!

As I mentioned back in September (in this post) I’ve had my first short story published in an anthology! The wonder! The excitement! The buying opportunity!

Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds  is an anthology from Timid Pirate Publishing, a small press headquartered up in the great Northwest (Seattle, I believe). Due almost exclusively to the urging of my other reading and writing friends, I’ve become pretty addicted to small press short story anthologies.

A good short story is, for me, the epitome of the advice that “a poem will come shut with a click, like a closing box.” Is that Yeats? Maybe? Anyway, yes, short stories, good ones, have that effect for me, that snap of finality, of vision, and of possibility, which is what the shorts in this anthology are all about.

I favor small presses (the little ones you’ve probably never heard of but where may writers get their start, or their entire careers) because they are risky by nature. Because of smaller overhead and aiming for smaller slices of the reading public, they can furnish anthologies that cater directly to what I want. They don’t have to aim for a million readers. Just some. Not that I wouldn’t love it if a million people read my material, just I’d be happy with getting that readership over time, not all at once.

The theme of the anthology is exactly as the title suggests: Tales of community after the apocalypse. These aren’t scary, Mad Max stories. No zombies. These are triumphant tales of building a life after. And as building stories, not destruction stories, I’m curious if they have more characters of the sort I’m looking for in fiction: feminist, creative, community-oriented…

I haven’t read all of my fellow writers in the anthology yet, I’ve got a toddler you’ll remember, but it is on my to-do list. For now, I can absolutely vouch for my short, Jar Washing Day. It is the last story in the anthology and includes one of my favorite characters, Sylvia Crenshaw. She’s serious and angsty and eventually gets what she wants. I love her for that.

The important part: Where to BUY!

Directly from Timid Pirate Press:

Of course you can buy it from Amazon, if you’re so inclined. If you do buy through Amazon, or even if you don’t, and you like it, consider leaving a review.

I’ve got my Sharpie pen out, ready to sign copies for my adoring fans…

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  1. Ordered and I will be waiting with the book clutched to my chest for you to sign it.

  2. Congrats on the publication! What an awesome accomplishment! Also, I totally love the name of that press. I’ll have to check them out :]

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