Social Networking Moment

Isn’t “social networking” a little redundant? I mean, isn’t all socialization a matter of building a network? Isn’t all networking social, as in it is between two different nodes along a wire? That being neither here nor there, I just wanted to take a moment to give put my Internet support where my pocketbook and my feet already are: behind a fine author, who also happens to be a client of mine and a damn fine friend.

As you may or may not know, I’m a copyeditor by trade. So in addition to writing my own fiction, I make my living reading and correcting the written word. I love it. Most of what I work on is nonfiction. I genuinely believe that clear, concise, well-written nonfiction is hard to come by and desperately needed in the world today. We’re all drowning in an overload of information – much of it badly punctuated.


Several years ago, this friend of mine, through a totally unremembered conversation, asked me to edit his fiction. And I said yes. Because editing fiction just feels good. It demands that I pay attention to every detail, that I be present to every emotional moment the author is putting the reader through so that I can improve those details and fine-tune those moments. It is so much more engrossing than editing nonfiction, I just couldn’t pass it up.

Since then I have become his editor, a phrase which fills me with a professional glee that I wonder if other professionals feel – “Yes, that’s my lawyer.” “Oh, her? She’s my therapist.” It just some how justifies all the bad, bad, phrases and the red ink and the re-reading and re-reading, did I mention the re-reading?

And in that time he’s been published four times and counting.   Which is what this post is actually about: The publication of his fourth short story.

It is with congratulations to my friend Matthew Marovich that I announce the publication of Space Tramps, Full-Throttle Space Tales #5. I can personally vouch for his short, Toll Booth. It is a story of a deep space traveler having to think on his feet to get out of a bind. I liked it. You’ll like it. And not just because I read it about 10 times. But because it is good, original stuff that makes you see that, while we need nonfiction to exist so we can continue to assimilate facts, fiction just feels good.

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